2018 Program and an opportunity for you

2018 Program

We’re excited to announce the first three months of our 2018 program knowing that there is plenty to interest everybody across all three programs.
We know that you will also enjoy the remaining months to come with plenty more great ideas to share and issues to reflect upon.

Click the program button to see our March, April and May events


So, why not take advantage of an exciting new initiative for the Newcastle Institute and be amongst the inaugural members of the Newcastle Institute. Yes, from the start of this year we’ve decided to offer memberships to the Newcastle Institute, for $50 per person with great benefits including:


  • Free entry to events – Casual attendees at our events would know that for many years we’ve been requesting a $5 donation per person to assist us with our costs in presenting events.  At our December planning meeting, we decided to increase the requested amount to $10. So, becoming a member can make sound economic sense!
  • Access to a developing section of our online site which will enable access to a Members’ area of the site
  • Opportunities to be part of the processes for continuing to grow the Newcastle Institute as a ‘quality forum for good ideas.

Use the link on the right to join the Newcastle Institute




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