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A Strong and Effective Voice for the Hunter:-

Strategies and Structures

Tuesday, April 13th, 7pm

There has long been a belief that the Hunter Region is poorly served by the structure of Local and State governments, and that the ability of the region and its people to have a real say in decision-making, achieve appropriate resource allocation, and influence politics and public affairs more broadly, suffers as a result.

There have been various times in the region’s history when powerful and effective alliances have achieved great things by working together strategically.  At other times, division and disputation has resulted in lost opportunities, institutions and resources, so the whole region has suffered.

To explore these issues further, the April forum of the New Institute will consider the existing structure of government in the Hunter.  There are questions to be asked. Is it really a problem? How could it be better?  Is it worth thinking about mergers of local government bodies, or is this just a fanciful distraction?   Do we need more marginal seats?  Would stronger development of regional organisations be effective?  What about non-government bodies such as community organisations and lobby groups?  And is the idea of a Hunter Region separate from the Sydney Megalopolis now just historical tradition, fading in significance?

Whatever the answers to these questions, it is worth considering what could be done now, within current structures, to increase the Hunter’s ‘voice’ in State and National politics, and to secure more resources for the Region.

We welcome Howard Dick, Professor of Management at Newcastle and Melbourne Universities, and Brett Derwin, President of the Hunter Business Chamber to lead this discussion.  The forum will be moderated to ensure that a broad range of opinions are shared, aiming for constructive engagement around this contentious but important issue.

VENUE: South Leagues Club, Llewellyn St.  Merewether.
DATE: Tuesday 13th April 2010  
TIME: 7.00 till 8.30pm
ADMISSION: $5 or more (donation to the New Institute)
FURTHER INFORMATION:  Angie Di Lorenzo - 0422 401129.



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