America at the Crossroads?

Wednesday 14 October 2020 – 7-8pm
Online Webinar
Everybody is welcome

The 2020 Election and the State of US Democracy

Unfortunately, some technical glitches meant that we lost some of the opening discussion in this presentation.  Still plenty to think about…

The 2020 US election is less than a month away. Equality, opportunity, and fairness, hailed as key factors in the success of the US democracy have never been more challenged. The global pandemic has shone a light on a divided nation with the impact of the pandemic shared unequally across race and the socio-economic divide.

Professor Michael Ondaatje will be providing critical analysis of the US election, and the state of their democracy at the October Newcastle Institute Event. This will help understand they key factors which may impact on the result and how lessons from other elections are relevant to the 2020 election.

Michael is Deputy Director of the Institute for Humanities and Social Sciences, and Professor of History, at Australian Catholic University. He is an award-winning researcher and teacher, and a regular commentator on history and politics in the media. He has recently embarked on a biography of Neville Bonner, the first Indigenous Australian elected to the federal parliament.

Webinar online – Wednesday 14 October 2020 – 7pm to 8pm




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