Australia and China – Context and the future

Unfortunately due to unforeseen circumstances Professor James Curran is unable to make it for our October event scheduled for 19th October. We have decided not to proceed with our October meeting. We hope you understand.

We look forward to seeing you at our 9 November 2022 event when Professor Michael Ondaatje will be presenting on 9th November

Australia’s relationship with China is central to our economic partnership and the factors contributing to current challenges are under constant analysis. However our relationship has often been uneasy over the last fifty years. While there have been periods of strengths in the relationship, there have also been many lows. In recent years, especially since COVID-19, Australia’s relationship has at times been tense and our capacity to respond cautiously to our biggest trading partner has been tested.

Professor James Curran, Professor in the Department of History, University of Sydney explores the complex relationship between Australia and China over the last 50 years. In his book, ‘Australia’s China Odyssey, From euphoria to fear’, Professor Curran suggests that the task of adjusting to China’s rise is the greatest challenge Australian diplomacy has faced since Japan’s revisionist attempts to remake East Asia in the 1930s.

In the October event for the Newcastle Institute (19th October, 2022,  6.00-7.30pm at South Leagues Club), Professor Curran will explore the context of the relationship and challenge the thinking of current policy. He will examine the geopolitical context of China in the 21st Century and will challenge the thinking of Australia’s policy towards China. Importantly he will focus on the future of  Australia’s China policy and the role of the new federal government.

Newcastle Institute – 19th October, 6.00-7.30pm – Souths Merewether Club




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