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Newcastle is a changing city.  It is commonly accepted that despite numerous positive attractions, the city and region suffers from an ‘image problem’ that adversely affects the city and its people in a multitude of ways.  The irony of this image problem was reinforced when Lonely Planet ranked Newcastle as one of the ten best cities in the world.

In a move aimed at changing the image, and providing a unified ‘message’ or ‘brand’ to be used by all groups marketing Newcastle, Newcastle Council and the NSW Government have funded a major new campaign to ‘rebrand Newcastle’.  (This move was preceded by a New Institute forum on this topic two years ago.)  The new ‘brand’ and campaign is now being launched.

The most visible manifestation is the multicoloured NEWCASTLE logo that is the frontispiece of the campaign. The logo is being rolled out on coaches, buses, ferries, the Carrington wheat silos – and on the usual promotional material.  But what’s it all about?  What’s the message and the thinking behind all this?  And where to from here?

The next forum of the New Institute will introduce the new campaign in detail.  The ‘logic’ of the campaign will be explained by Adam Lance, Creative Director of Peach Advertising. Adam is looking forward to getting beyond the logo, and sharing some of the more complex aspects of the conception and design of the campaign.  He will be joined by Simon McArthur, Newcastle Council’s Tourism and Economic Development Manager, who will explain how the colourful logo, and the campaign behind it, are part of an overall strategy to change both the image and the reality of the city.

There is no doubt Newcastle is changing rapidly.  Is this new campaign going to help this in a way that is good for all, or is it just froth and bubble and spin?

Is it good value for money?  This is your chance to find out more…….

Download pdf flyer

VENUE: Souths Leagues Club, Merewether
DATE: Tuesday 12th July 2011  
TIME: 7.00 till 8.30pm  ADMISSION: $5 Donation
FURTHER DETAILS:  or Angie at  0422401129




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