Change in the Middle East

Egypt; Bahrain; Iran; Libya…Where Next?

The last few months has seen a most extraordinary tide of change occurring in the Middle East.  Apparently spontaneous and unpredicted uprisings are occurring in what have been seen as ‘stable’ countries, with strong established regimes suddenly conceding or making changes, or being overthrown, or both.  The civil war in Libya continues to develop and becomes increasingly complex.  Reports of turmoil in Syria, Yemen and elsewhere are continuing.

There is talk of a ‘generational change’ of leadership. The demographic mix of many countries in the Middle East includes a large rising generation born since the oil boom of the mid-70s.  They are sophisticated, educated and politically aware, but frustrated by the current political paradigm. Traditional family and ‘tribal’ loyalties may be a source of discontent and may be shaping the turmoil, but may also be overturned by the changes occurring.

Of particular interest to some is the influence of the internet, mobile phones and social media.  A video clip on the internet can be the cause of violent riots within 24 hours, or can bring the world’s attention to the reality of the front line.

It is unclear whether religious groups, or terrorist networks, are shaping or influencing or benefiting from the current turmoil.  Meanwhile other countries, particularly Israel, Pakistan and China, look on with interest.

The next meeting of the Institute will be in our regular venue of Souths Leagues Club on Tuesday April 12th.  Dr Rob Imre, a Newcastle University academic and specialist in International Politics, will lead an in-depth discussion of recent developments and Change in the Middle East:- Egypt, Bahrain, Iran, Libya…..where next? This is a particularly topical, and always controversial, subject for in-depth analysis.


VENUE: Souths Leagues Club.
DATE: Tuesday 12th April 2011  
TIME: 7.00 till 8.30pm  ADMISSION: $5 Donation
FURTHER DETAILS:  or Angie at  0422401129
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