July Event Postponed

We have made the tough decision to postpone the July Newcastle Institute event (14th July) on Healthy Ageing hopefully till later this year. This has been a tough decision for the committee but we have been receiving feedback for some time that people are over Zoom webinars and want the interaction that live events bring. Due to the current  COVID restrictions we can’t meet in a live event in July. We will need to make a decision about the August event in line with the current COVID outbreak.
We are reassured that members and our wider audience still have the desire for respectful public policy debate. We will continue to develop the program for the remainder of 2021 in anticipation of returning to a live events as soon as possible. For those members who have paid the annual fee we will adjust the renewal date to compensate for the months when we did not hold events.

We will continue to update you pending progress of the current restrictions. In the meantime stay safe and get vaccinated.







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