Lessons from the Pandemic

In our first event for 2023 the Newcastle Institute is seeking to reflect on the lessons learnt from the pandemic.

Internationally and in Australia the impact of the global pandemic has been borne by many sectors as well as by individuals. While epidemiological evidence guided some of the policy response initially, the use of evidence diminished as the pandemic progressed. Outcomes of the pandemic policy responses have also varied across sectors and states, as well as globally. Given the high likelihood of another global pandemic emerging in the future it is important to understand the lessons from this pandemic to better inform future policy responses.

It is acknowledged that this global pandemic is still progressing, however it is timely to consider the lessons we have learnt to date. These lessons can be gleaned across sectors with perspectives from multiple disciplines informing the debate.

The Newcastle Institute will host its first event of 2023 to discuss the lessons from the global pandemic. Experts from various sectors will discuss these lessons and importantly examine ways these can inform future policy and community responses. Our expert panel includes:

  • Dr Craig Dalton is a public health physician for HNE Health and Conjoint Associate Professor in School of Medical Practice and Population Health, University of Newcastle, New South Wales
  • Viv Allanson CEO of Maroba Aged Care
  • Dr Fiona Van Leeuwen, GP and Chair of the Hunter General Practitioners’ Association
  • Professor Francesco Paolucci Professor of Health Economics and Policy at the Faculty of Business and Law, University of Newcastle
  • Dr Helen Logan Adjunct Senior Lecturer in Early Childhood Education at Charles Sturt University

Our experts will discuss the variations in Australia’s health, economic and other strategies and outcomes and comparisons with similar countries. They will consider the main lessons learnt which can inform approaches to the current and future pandemics. Importantly they will reflect on what our responses to the pandemic say about us as Australians.

Many frontline staff made significant sacrifices for our country during the pandemic. Doctors, nurses, other health staff, paramedics, teachers and early childhood educators, pharmacists and retail workers are some of the disciplines that fronted up every day to keep our society going. We will also take this opportunity to thank them for their efforts throughout the pandemic. We welcome frontline workers to attend this important event.

As usual; members of the Newcastle Institute enjoy complimentary attendance at all events. We request a donation of $10 from casual attendees. For this event we also extend an invitation to all frontline workers to also enjoy complimentary attendance.

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