Medical Marijuana, the ICE Epidemic – Fact and Fiction

The next forum of the Newcastle Institute, at 6pm August 17th at Souths Newcastle, will feature local experts on two very different drugs issues that are currently ‘hot topics’.

Newcastle University’s Professor Jenny Martin is leading a national research program based at Calvary Mater Hospital looking at possible uses of Marijuana for medical purposes.  There are many stories in the media – and on the internet – claiming benefits for the terminally ill, for cancer, for epilepsy and many other conditions.  But is this just wishful thinking?  What are the facts?

Meanwhile, there seems to be a growing ICE epidemic, particularly in the Hunter region.  Is this just media hype and fear?  Just how big is the problem? Is the drug as addictive and dangerous as portrayed? The forum will hear the facts from the Medical experts who deal with the problem every day.

Separating Facts from Fiction about two big drug issues – at the Newcastle Institute.

As always, all thinking members of the general public are welcome, and there will be plenty of time for discussion.



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