New futures for work in Newcastle

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We are continually being told that the internet will change our lives.  There’s no doubt that our language has already changed.  But what has this meant for the ‘world of work?’  And what does it mean for the future of Newcastle as a working city? 
At the next Newcastle Institute forum on Wednesday 14th August, we look at possible answers to these questions.  We will hear how two local ventures are putting Newcastle on the global map, with new ways to create future businesses and nurture great ideas.
Slingshot is a high-tech startup accelerator focused on developing entrepreneurs who are fully prepared for the new world of internet-based business.  Trent Bagnall from Slingshot believes that“Newcastle provides the perfect location for young dynamic creative business people to thrive.”
Slingshot has built a tailored 12-week accelerator program to help aspiring entrepreneurs take their ideas and build them into a scalable global company as quickly and effectively as possible.
With the first program winding up, Trent will be able to provide some great insights into the value that a program like this might add to the positioning of Newcastle as an ideal location for the nurturing of fresh ideas and businesses.
Against a backdrop or creative hubs and shared workspaces, other groups are working within Newcastle to enhance our global reputation as a place where great things are possible.
In October, Newcastle will be the host for the inaugural DiG Festival. 
The DiG Festival and Conference is loosely based on the extremely successful South By South West (SXSW) festivals in Austin, Texas which are run over 3 weeks and cover Film, Music and Interactivity. Over the years SXSW has helped Austin become recognised as a leading technology centre with a vibrant artistic culture. SXSW now contributes over $100 million to the Austin economy annually.
The DiG Festival and Conference, with themes around Design, Interactivity and Green Tech, will act as a catalyst for attracting a new generation of business and investment to the Hunter focussed on clean, green and innovative business.  Craig Wilson, one of the organisers, will share some of the thinking and background to the DiG Festival,
In an environment where opportunities like Slingshot exist, and where anyone with access to connectivity can build a powerful online presence, there are messages for people seeking new ways of doing business or gaining fulfilling work.  .
Whether you are a parent or grandparent, a person with a ‘killer idea’ or simply someone keen to understand the shifts taking place within the ‘world of work,’ this event should provide some fascinating and worthwhile insights.
Please note that, for this event, we’re moving to a new venue.  The event will be hosted at the WEA demonstration space at the rear of their building in Laman Street Cooks Hill.  (Eastern block of the former Cooks Hill High School buildings) The entry is via the gates at the Western end of the WEA building and the demonstration space is located at the Eastern end of the inner courtyard – see map for details.

AUGUST MONTHLY FORUM  – Wednesday, August 14th, 2013. 7pm
New futures for work in Newcastle
Open to the general public;  Donation $5





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