Newcastle Music is ALIVE

The next public forum hosted by the Newcastle Institute will focus on Music in Newcastle.  It’s more than Rock & Roll – Jazz, Classical, Folk, Irish, Choirs, Country, Brass Bands, Church, Ukelele and more:- the variety and vitality of music in Newcastle is extraordinary.  Some believe Newcastle is the most musical community in Australia!

How do we nurture, build, and celebrate this aspect of life in Newcastle? Our panel for this forum bring different views of music in Newcastle, and all share a passion for keeping it live, locally vibrant, and building broad recognition.

The Panel is:-

  • Marcus Wright, owner of ‘The Wicko’, and Music Promoter through ‘Big Apachee’;
  • Charissa Ferguson, Music Teacher at Merewether High;
  • Dan Beazley, musician & digital creative, and Managing Editor of ‘Newcastle Live’, an on-line guide to musical and other events in Newcastle;
  • Sophie McCarthy, Architecture Student at Uni and professional Clarinetist, including with Newcastle Youth Orchestra.

Our panelists will join Roger Pryor together with the audience in a broad discussion of music in Newcastle. 

  • How do we ensure there are enough performance venues?
  • How late and how noisy is reasonable for venues like pubs and clubs?
  • How can live music be made more visible to people who are new to town?
  • How can young people be supported to learn and love all types of music?
  • Could Newcastle become ‘notorious’ as the most musical city of Australia?

The Forum is open to the public.  A donation of $10 is requested from non-members.

May 11th, 6pm till 7.30pm at Newcastle United Sports Club (formerly Adamstown Rosebuds), Bryant Street Adamstown.  The Forum will be live-streamed free 
on the Newcastle Institute Facebook page, and will be linked here,  on the Institute website afterwards.





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