Priorities for Newcastle and the Hunter – A strong and united voice?

Newcastle and the Hunter are at critical stage of their development. A transition phase characterised by regional growth, reduced global demand for coal and opportunities for new industries presented by changing energy sources and diversification of other sectors. We have faced this transition before with the closure of the BHP, and potential doom resulting from lost employment. Yet this major transition resulted in growth and revitalisation for this once steel dominant city. A key question for government, business, scientists and importantly our community now is how we maximise the opportunities and ensure these are shared across our region.

On Wednesday 12th May, The Newcastle Institute is hosting a free public webinar with a panel discussion focusing the priorities for Newcastle and the Hunter. Our three panelists will present different perspectives on lessons learned and how to position Newcastle and the Hunter as a vibrant, dynamic region for the future. The webinar will be presented live and free on our Facebook page and members will also be sent an invitation to take part interactively via Zoom. Three panelists will present perspectives from emerging science, high-level policy, and ‘on the ground’ in Newcastle.

Alice Thompson, CEO Committee for the Hunter, is widely regarded as a leader in public policy, with a focus on infrastructure, industry development and attraction, urban planning and regional development. As CEO of Committee for the Hunter, Alice will provide perspective on the Committee’s role in harnessing a unified voice to advance the economic, social, cultural, environmental and creative assets of the region.

Warrick Jordan, Coordinator, Hunter Jobs Alliance has particular experience in issues in working with a wide variety of stakeholders to achieve complex change processes in regions. He is passionate about ensuring workers in the Hunter Valley have access to the full range of opportunities available in the region. In his role as coordinator of Hunter Jobs Alliance he will share his views on achieving a future for our region with full employment, a thriving and healthy living environment, an equitable society, a stable climate, and renewable prosperity.

Gabrielle Chan has been a journalist for more than 30 years. Prior to her role as a political journalist and politics live blogger at Guardian Australia she worked at The Australian, ABC radio, The Daily Telegraph, in local newspapers and politics. When Gabrielle moved from the Canberra press gallery to marry a sheep and wheat farmer in 1996 she noticed the economic and cultural divide between the city and the country, the differences in political culture and yawning gap between the parliament and small town life. So in September 2017, after interviews with ordinary people on her main street she wrote Rusted Off: Why country Australia is fed up. She will share perspectives about the conclusions she drew about the current state of our rural political representation, the gap between city and country and why politics has moved so far from our lives.

Registrations are not required for this webinar. Members will receive a Zoom invitation and can interact with the webinar. Other interested members of the public can view the live stream on our Facebook page.



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