Redeveloping Newcastle:- Why? What? How?

The multiple redevelopment projects underway or being planned for Newcastle are creating a great deal of public interest and discussion, with plenty of strong opinions. The next public forum of local think-tank The Newcastle Institute will bring four different perspectives on the Newcastle’s ongoing redevelopment.

  • Bob Dupont, Newcastle-based Valuer and Office-bearer in the Property Council of Australia, shall give his perspective on the economic drivers and constraints affecting the current developments. 
  • Corrinne Fisher, from the Better Planning Network, shall outline her group’s concerns about current planning processes in NSW, and suggest how these could be improved. 
  • Mark Fenwick, Architect with DWP Suters, will discuss the challenges of planning and redevelopment in heritage precincts.
  • Tom Baker, a recent PhD graduate from the University of Newcastle, will discuss his research into the attitudes, life choices and neighbourhood interactions of apartment residents in Newcastle.

 There will then be public discussion exploring all these themes. 

This forum has not been established to drive a particular position or outcome, but to facilitate informed and constructive discussion.  The Newcastle Institute aims to advance the community’s interests by developing shared understanding of these complex issues, and of the various opinions and interests involved in this controversial area.

VENUE: Newcastle City Hall, Hunter Room
DATE: Wednesday 14th May 2014
TIME: 7.00 till 8.30pm ADMISSION: $5 Donation



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