Budgets, Bulldust and Bastardry

Our June event sees Ross Gittins return to speak at the Newcastle Institute.

One of Australia’s most eminent economic journalists, Ross Gittins, will be speaking at the next public forum hosted by local think-tank, the Newcastle Institute.

Ross Gittins is renowned for his clarity of vision and his ability to see through the fog and spin that leave others confused.   Few can match his ability to explain the complexities and contradictions of the modern economy that affect our daily lives.

Now he looks back on a career of over forty years and reflects on what he has seen of economics, politics, the media and the lessons of life.

He started as a cadet journalist covering the financial roller coaster ridden by the Whitlam government. Since then he has covered forty budgets and sixteen elections. He has watched eight prime ministers wrestle with boom and recession, debts and deficits. No government and no treasurer has escaped his analysis.

As an ‘old school’ journo with printers’ ink in his veins, he also dissects the newspaper game, remembers the great editors and journalists who have sharpened our minds and his, and lays down some hard facts about a hard future for the media.

The title of his new book – ‘Budgets, Bulldust and Bastardry’ is a small taste of the humour and dry wit that Ross Gittins uses to inform and entertain.

The Newcastle Institute is delighted to welcome Ross back to his home town.


VENUE: Banquet Room, Newcastle City Hall,

DATE: Wednesday 10th June 2015

TIME: 6.00 till 7.30pm   ADMISSION: $5 Donation



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