Dr Karl: Scientific reasons to be optimistic for 2021

11 November 2020 7-8pm
Online via Zoom Webinar
Everybody is welcome

The final Newcastle Institute forum for 2020 will be taking place via Zoom webinar from 7-8pm on Wednesday 11 November.

2020 has been a tumultuous year, and there has been much cause for concern, even pessimism, about the future.  But the end-of-year Newcastle Institute forum will be different.

One of Australia’s best science communicators, Dr Karl Kruszelnicki AM will be joining us in a webinar, to discuss ’Scientific reasons to be optimistic for 2021’.

With the media full of stories of biological and environmental catastrophes and failures of government leadership, it is time to hear some good news.  Dr Karl covers both.  While the evidence of climate change continues to mount, the rapid development and uptake of renewable energy means that a carbon-neutral future is becoming not just possible, but almost inevitable.  Despite the fear-mongering of anti-vaxxers, vaccination rates are generally very high.  There are real concerns about the internet and social media, but we can learn to use it appropriately.  We can communicate without geographical limits.  The world is safer and more peaceful than ever.  And children are smarter than ever before.

Dr Karl’s breadth of knowledge, his enthusiasm for science, his energetic presentations, (and his colourful shirts!) make him nationally popular on radio and other media.  We are delighted to have him join us for our final webinar after a challenging year.

Dr Karl will be appearing via Zoom webinar which will be streamed live on our Facebook page.  Members of the Newcastle Institute will receive invitations to the Zoom webinar which allows greater functionality and the ability to raise questions within the Zoom webinar.

When: Wednesday 11 November, 2020. 7-8pm




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