Special start to the year

The New Institute is proud to commence 2012 with a very special event.

On 15th of February 1942, the ‘impregnable’ British Garrison of Singapore fell to a much smaller number of Japanese troops.  The shock waves of that event changed the direction of Australian foreign policy and continue to resonate, while the fate of the captured Australian soldiers in Changi, the Burma Railway and elsewhere is legendary.

In recognition of the seventieth anniversary of these events, the New Institute brings together two speakers with very different perspectives.

Professor Wayne Reynolds, Historian at Newcastle University, will review the strategic and military situation at the beginning of 1942, when Germany and Japan seemed all-powerful.  This overview of the ‘big picture’ will provide the background for the personal story of second speaker.

Peter Hendry AOwas a Doctor in the Australian Army who was captured at the fall of Singapore and became a prisoner in Changi.  Sent with ‘slave labour’ teams to the Burma Railway, he worked as a Doctor in the most primitive and horrific conditions imaginable, where thousands died.  Despite all he went through, he survived and has lived a long life of achievement since then, and remains an active contributor to the community in his nineties.  At this forum, he will tell of his experiences as a POW during the war and on his return to Australia.  There will then be time for questions and discussion with both speakers, to reflect on the impact of these events.

This event is a rare opportunity to meet with, and hear from, a remarkable Australian speaking from experience about one of the most important events in Australia's history.  It should not be missed.
VENUE: Newcastle City Hall, Hunter Room.
DATE: Tuesday 14th February 2012  TIME: 7.00 till 8.30pm
ADMISSION: $5 Donation
FURTHER DETAILS:  www.newinstitute.org.au  or Angie at  0422 401 129

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