Tax Reform- Now More than Ever

Dr Ken Henry, AC

The Henry tax review published in 2010, aimed to make Australia’s tax system fit for purpose for the 21st century made, but few of the 138 recommendations were implemented. Our tax system is reliant on personal income tax, with its share of GDP increasing, while other sources of tax revenue are reducing as proportion of GDP decreasing. 

The Australian economy, of which our tax system is a major tool, demonstrates indicators of significant inequity. Income inequality and housing affordability are unfairly impacting younger generations with the current tax system contributing to these indicators. 

The author of the 2010 tax reform review, Dr Ken Henry will present at the Newcastle Institute’s May meeting. Dr Henry, AC, an economist and former Secretary of the Department of the Treasury from 2001 to 2011 has worked alongside Liberal and Labor governments. He is also currently Chair of the Australian Climate and Biodiversity Foundation.

With current political leaders unwilling to discuss major tax changes needed for 21st century Australia, this is an opportunity to have a rational discussion with one of the most influential economists in Australia, about options for taxation policy and the pressing rationale for these reforms. 

When: Wednesday, 8th May 2024 6.00pm – 7.30pm
Where: Souths Merewether, Llewellyn St Merewether
Members entry is complimentary – we request a $10 donation from casual attendees. 




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