The future is not what it was: the economy and the world of work.

Wednesday 10 June 2020, 7.00-8.00pm
Online – via Zoom and Facebook Live
Open to the general public.

Button to watch video of eventBefore the COVID-19 pandemic, the Australian economy was not doing well. Indicators such as stagnant wages, the lowest interest rates in history and poor consumer demand, exacerbated by drought and bushfires demonstrate that we were not in the sound economic position purported by the Australian government.
The pandemic responses such as social distancing and border restrictions have disrupted our economic activity here and globally. The results are expected to be long-lasting and dire with high unemployment, business failures, and falls in gross domestic product, coupled with record debt. The pandemic responses have also drastically changed the way Australians work now and into the future.

Locally-based public policy think tank, the Newcastle Institute, is hosting a special online forum (webinar) to provide different perspectives on the future of our economy and the way we work post COVID-19 on Wednesday 10th June, 2020.

The Newcastle Institute has brought together three national experts for this webinar to provide perspectives on our economy and the future of work from a national, regional and local perspective:

  • Alison Pennington, Senior Economist, Centre for Future Work at The Australia Institute
  • Angela Jackson, Economist at Equity Economics
  • Professor Will Rifkin, Chair in Applied Regional Economics, Hunter Research Foundation Centre, University of Newcastle

Newcastle Institute committee member, Rob Logan said our responses to the COVID-19 global pandemic have been successful from a public health perspective, but will result in economic challenges Australia not seen since the Great Depression. Despite the dire outlook, there are also important opportunities for the economies of regional Australia and for the way we work.

“We need to face the economic challenges with sound policy and also harness the opportunities for changes in our economy and work.” Mr Logan said. “Governments also need to ensure we account for the potential inequities that these changes will bring to different groups and sectors in our community.”

Newcastle Institute is using Zoom webinars to continue their work in the COVID-19 pandemic. Questions can be submitted to Newcastle Institute website prior to the event, during the Zoom webinar or on Facebook.

Newcastle Institute is a, member based, not for profit, organisation which hosts forums to support rational and respectful public discourse about key policy issues facing the local community and nation. For more information about Newcastle Institute, becoming a member, or to access the recording of the forum visit

How to take part in the webinar

When? 7.00 – 8.00pm, Wednesday June 10 2020
Where? Your place!

Members will be sent an invitation to join the Zoom webinar version of the event. You can also see a live stream of the event on our Newcastle Institute Facebook page

After the event a copy of the livestream will be available for viewing on our website.

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