The Future of the University – The Future of Newcastle

Professor Caroline McMillen, Vice-Chancellor 

Newcastle is undergoing a social and economic transformation. The City’s traditional base of labour-intensive factories being transformed as technology takes over, and now the major employers are the health, education, and information sectors, with a growing presence of ‘smart’ industries.

A central player in this transformation is the University of Newcastle.  The University itself has been undergoing its own transformation in recent years.  The University has dealt with well-publicised problems including issues of academic standards, management, financial stability, and strategic direction. After dramatic changes and consolidation, the University is now undergoing a new phase of change and development, with major plans for the future. The University’s leadership has a vision for the future that will continue the transformation of the University, but also Newcastle and the Hunter Region.

These issues will be discussed at the next Newcastle Institute public forum by the University’s Vice-Chancellor, Professor Caroline McMillen.  The University’s plans include possible development of a new campus in the ‘old city’ area, strategic growth in a number of Faculties, and attracting more international students. The management of existing staff, particularly in areas facing generational change, is another challenge.

These plans are not just about the future of the University – It is the future of Newcastle.  This evening is an opportunity for the public to hear direct from the Vice-Chancellor, to question and discuss what this means for the city.

OCTOBER MONTHLY FORUM  – October 9th 7pm

“The Future of The University – The Future of Newcastle”

Hunter Room – Level 2 – Newcastle City Hall

(Lift access via Wheeler Place entry)

Open to the general public;  Donation $5

FURTHER DETAILS:  or Angie at 0422401129



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