The Railway Forum 13 May 2015

A big thanks to all of the people who came along to City Hall tonight to be part of our May forum.  Here’s a Storify record of all the tweets from the event using the #NewcastleRail hashtag. Thanks to all of our twitter users for sharing.




4 Responses

  1. Electrify round to maitland. A station at woodvile j and 2,3 or4 trains an hour into newcastle . they can go slowly and we can retain pedestrian crossings. (Thats what they would do in switzerland.)

  2. We have all this idle open cut mining equipment at the moment, how about we use this opportunity to straighten the track to sydney so the existing trains can go a lot faster! Look at it on a map to see how wiggly most of this route is. (someone once told me the original surveyors got paid more for a curve than for a straight)

  3. I have grown quite fond and proud of the 20 year old (?) stainless steel trains. They have hooks for our bicycles and you can put fairly large bags behind a reversed seat. On these stupid new trains, how about we get rid of the luggage rack (that I have never seen used) and install several bike hooks. You can’t stop the inevitable flood of commuting bicyclists no matter how much you loathe us.(well, apart from running us down in your car I guess, like in victoria!)

  4. Could the cleaners clean the windows? The view is as important as the convenience I think.

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