Twitter and Social Media – What’s it good for?

Tuesday, June 8th, 7pm

Unless you come to grips with social media and start thinking about how it may benefit your clients and your business, you are missing all sorts of opportunities. Think again if you believe social media such as Twitter and Facebook are just for kids, writes Trish Carroll in the Australasian Law Management Journal (

Social media is now gaining acceptance as much, much more than an online space for gossip and chatter.  For our June meeting, the New Institute presents a fascinating look at the way that a range of people use social media as a highly important part of their personal and professional lives.

You’ll hear from communications and marketing professionals, bloggers and twitter users.

Local radio presenter, thinker and writer, Carol Duncan, (@carolduncan) will be part of a quartet of presenters who will look at the answers to the question from a range of perspectives.

Craig Wilson, (@mediahunter) from Sticky has some fascinating insights into how Social Media is creating new and exciting opportunities for doing business and harnessing the power of connection.

Pip Cleaves, (@pipcleaves) recognised throughout the digital education revolution community in NSW as an absolute standout in delivering high quality ideas and support will share examples of the ways that Social Media is assisting large numbers of teachers and schools revitalise the way they ‘plan school.’

Gordon Whitehead (@The_Git), also from Sticky, will share some visions for how Social Media has created an opportunity for ongoing dialogue, and the sharing of ideas about creating better futures and having some fun and quality human interaction along the way.  Look out for the New Lunaticks !

There will be time for some Q&A and there’s always even more time afterward to catch up informally.

Social media is providing an ‘always on’ means of being in touch, of finding out information, of providing commentary and sharing.  A broad spectrum of learners is using social media to connect, collaborate and create.

Watchers of ABC’s Q&A will have seen the ‘twitter stream’ during the show.  Join us at our June meeting to see the impact of an event which operates with both a live presentation and an online twitter ‘back channel.’  Following on from some of the themes from  the Hunter Innovation Festival which is currently underway, come along and gain an understanding of the vibrant community of the Newcastle ‘Twitterverse’  If you can’t be here, join us online where we’ll be posting some lead up information and ideas for following the event on twitter.

This meeting is aimed at not only enthusiasts but rather at the ‘anyone’ in the community who remain confused, ignorant or uncertain about what all this twittering is all about – come along and see for yourself!


VENUE: South Leagues Club, Llewellyn St. Merewether.
DATE: Tuesday 8th June 2010
TIME: 7.00 till 8.30pm ADMISSION: $5
INFORMATION: Roger Pryor – 0422 420 194  or Angie Di Lorenzo 0422 401129



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