Understanding Shari’ah Law – and its future in Australia

For our final event of 2013, Dr Luqman Zakariyah,  from the International Islamic University of Malaysia will be discussing Understanding Shari’ah Law – and its future in Australia
Since 9/11 there has been much misunderstanding about Islam throughout the ‘Western’ world, including in Australia and Newcastle.  Much of this has centred on perceptions of Shari’ah Law.  These negative ideas have at times been increased by the misuse of Shari’ah by some groups in Islamic societies.  Extremist groups and regimes have exploited the general ignorance of Shari’ah, and used it as an excuse to promote injustice and cruelty, especially to women.  This is one of the many aspects of Islam around which education is needed.

A Public Forum on November 13th will hear from an internationally recognised expert on Shari’ah Law, Dr Luqman Zakariyah. Originally from Nigeria, Dr Zakariyah has previously worked and taught in multiple universities including Oxford, Aberdeen, Medina, and at Harvard Law School.

Dr Zakariyah believes that education and understanding is especially important at a time when Islam’s reputation has been sullied by misinterpretation and stereotyping of Shari’ah.  The potential for Shari’ah to play any kind of acceptable role in Muslim communities living in non-Muslim worlds such as Australia depends on Shari’ah recovering its original meaning and applying this to the modern world.   His Talk will be followed by a response from Mehmet Ozalp, Director of ISRA.

Bishop Peter Stuart, of the Anglican Diocese of Newcastle, has commended the Newcastle Institute, and the Religion in Political Life Research Group at Newcastle University, for organising this event to promote respectful listening and deeper understanding in our community.   

Where:   Newcastle City Hall, Hunter Room

When:    Wednesday, 13 November 2013 at 7pm

Contact: Sheena Martin, 0408733386


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