Urban Planning in Newcastle and the Lower Hunter

13 June 2018

Are we creating sustainable and resilient communities?

What are we doing right?

What are we doing wrong?

What do we need to do better?

Cathy Smith – Inaugural Turnbull Foundation Women in Built Environment Scholar(UNSW), Richard Rogers fellow Harvard University Graduate School of Design (Fall 2018)

Scott Anson – Technical Director Planning Cardno NNSW. Fellow, Registered Planner and Hunter Convenor Planning Institute of Australia

Prof Will Rifkin  DirectorHunter Research Foundation Centre, University of Newcastle

Ed Crawford – Property Sales & Marketing Consultant, former Chair, Property Council of Australia, Hunter Chapter

Some questions were sourced from the public via the link below – (now disabled)

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Urban Planning Readings

Developing Urban Design as Public Policy: Best Practice Principles for Design Review and Development Management John Punter

Steering urban growth: governance, policy and finance Lead Authors: Graham Floater and Philipp Rode Contributing Authors: Bruno Friedel, Alexis Robert

Integrating the environment in urban planning and management key principles and approaches for cities in the 21st century David Dodman, Gordon McGranahan and Barry Dalal-Clayton International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED)

The Three Domains of Urban Planning for Health and Well-being Jennifer L. Kent and Susan Thompson

Shaping cities for health: complexity and the planning of urban environments in the 21st centuryYvonne Rydin, Ana Bleahu, Michael Davies, Julio D Dávila

Creating Places for People – an urban design protocol for Australian cities

Evidence of the Economic and Social Advantages of Intercultural Cities Approach Meta-analytic assessment By Kseniya Khovanova-Rubicondo and Dino Pinelli

A proposed model for sustainable urban planning development for environmentally friendly communities – Ali AlQahtany , Yacine Rezgui & Haijiang Li

Overview of the Portland Plan

Neighborhood Governance in Portland Oregon: An Analysis of Public Involvement in Urban Planning Nuin-Tara Key

Thriving Cities City Profile of Portland

Science and Practice for Thriving Cities L Bettencourt



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