Want to learn about Twitter?

Following our June event: “Twitter and Social Media: what’s it good for” there was a buzz of interest and a number of people interested to know more.

Maybe you’d also like the opportunity to learn more about Twitter and some of the ways you can use it; or simply how to get started.

Click the Twitter logo to visit a site where you can learn more.

Now have a look at the ‘Coming Up’ page for news about some of the topics coming up.

If you were at the event, or online via twitter, now that a week has passed and thoughts have come and gone, why not click the Comment link and leave us some thoughts about last week. Let us know whether you like the idea of us keeping up a live tweet stream during our events, foe example.

You might have ideas for ways that we can continue to attempt to connect people and ideas; allow opportunities for a variety of people to collaborate and ultimately, to create better futures.



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