Whatever happened to the Australian Republic……and what happens now?

The question of the future of the monarchy in Australia, and a possible shift to an Australian Republic has been debated for many years. The evolving perception of Australian identity after the 1988 bicentenary seemed to suggest that it was a matter of ‘when’ not ‘if’ Australia would change. Even Prince Charles seemed to suggest that it was time to move on.

But then there was prolonged debate leading up the millenium, the ‘Constitutional Convention’ and the unsuccessful referendum. While John Howard was Prime Minister there was obviously no change likely. Since then Malcolm Turnbull seems to have moved on from the issue, and has chosen to remain in public life, serving under Tony Abbot, a self-declared monarchist.

Meanwhile on the Labor side it has not been a major issue, although the significance of the recent change of Prime Ministers is not clear.

  • So is the debate really dead, or is it just ‘resting’?
  • Is Australia going to remain a monarchy?
  • Will King Charles be our future monarch?
  • And does it matter anyway? – It is not an issue that seems to resonate with Australian youth.

 To consider these issues and give an insight into what might happen next, we welcome John Warhurst, Professor of Political Science at Australian National University. For many years John has been one of Australia’s most respected analysts of the broad processes, influences and movements within Australian politics. Particular interests have included the political influence oforganised religion, and the role of lobbyists in Australian politics. But he has also been an active ‘player’ in the monarchy/republic debate, and has been a senior office-bearer in the Australian Republican Movement for many years.As such he brings an insightful perspective to this ongoing debate.


Come along to listen, and to join the discussion!  

VENUE: South Leagues Club, Llewllyn St. Merewether.

 DATE:  Tuesday 13th July 2010

 TIME: 7.00 till 8.30pm

ADMISSION: $5 or more
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