Williamtown Now and in the Future

Williamtown – the civilian airport and the military complex – is one of the biggest industries in the Newcastle region.

The ‘Base’ is already one of the nation’s most important military complexes, while the civil airport is critical economic and social infrastructure and a major transport hub. Both civil and military sides are growing. Despite this, there is little knowledge in the general community of just what is happening now, or of the planned major developments in the next few years.

The next public forum of the Newcastle Institute is an opportunity to learn more about the future of Williamtown, and how it will affect our region. Our two speakers will cover both ‘sides’ (civilian and military), and will take part in a panel discussion to answer questions from the public.

Ian Dick, Defence Project Director with Hunternet, has played a key role in bringing developments such as the JSF project to the Hunter.Ian will detail the current military presence including Air Combat Group, Air Surveillance Group, Defence Materiel Units and Defence Support Reform Group, as well as support contractors. The coming of the Joint Strike Fighter will bring many changes with increased infrastructure and developments on and off the Base.

David Nye, Manager Aviation Business Development for Newcastle Airport, will discuss the civilian side of the airport, especially key aspects of the imminent redevelopment of the Terminal.

These developments raise many questions. Can the civil and military airports coexist? Will (or should) Williamtown become an international airport? Is ownership by local Councils viable? What will be the future noise impacts? Should planning and zoning be in place to allow a second runway? Is the Joint Strike Fighter already obsolete?

Future developments at Williamtown will bring opportunities, growth and both good and bad impacts on our region.   The Newcastle Institute forum will be an opportunity to learn more about what is really happening, now and in our future.  


VENUE: Souths Leagues Club, Llwellyn St Merewether

DATE: Wednesday 13th August 2014

TIME: 7.00 till 8.30pm   ADMISSION: $5 Donation



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