Women and Equality – The Way Forward

It has been great to see the interest being taken and registrations for our forum next Wednesday, 9 May.

We’re glad to be able to continue our program for this year with some insight into the issue of ‘Women and Equality’ coming from our panel of remarkable women including:

  • Rosemarie Milsom, Journalist and Director, Newcastle Writers Festival –
  • Emma White, Community & Public Sector Union
  • Gerry Bobsien, Executive Manager Economic Development and Innovation at Muswellbrook Shire Council
  • Fiona Black, AWE/Newcastle Women’s Alliance
  • Belinda Smith, Chief Executive Officer at Rapid Solutions, Director – Got Your Back Sista

Please use the links at the right to Register for this event as we are looking forward to an excellent addition to our aspiration this year at the Newcastle Institute to promote ‘diverse ideas’ and ‘rational discussion’

And, some background, specially curated by our organisers for this event.

Some articles which may be of interest. This selection includes: data about women, some responses – past and present, and the issue of responsibility.

Unleashing the power of gender equality Australian Human Rights Commissioner

Women & the Future of Work research report

2018 Pamela DenoonLecture, ANU,
Kate Jenkins, Sex Discrimination Commissioner

An idea quickly agreed to: Julia Gillard’s next move. Julia Baird

Women & Power: A Manifesto Mary Beard 2017 London 

The male glance: How we fail to take women’s stories seriously The Guardian 7 March 2018

Review: Jessa Crispin 2017 Why I Am Not a Feminist Guardian March 2017


Swimming in a sea of privilege: waking up to male entitlement… 




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